• Avocados:  When grown indoors, avocado trees wont fruit, but they will become large, tropical floor plants.  First, wash the seed and let it dry overnight.  To plant, peel off the brown outer skin.  Stick four toothpicks in the center of the seed at equal intervals.  Place in a jar of water with the flat side of the seed down and the pointed side up, leaving one-third of the seed in water.  Store in a dark place such as a kitchen cabinet.
Roots will grow in the water and a stem will rise from the top of the avocado seed.   When the stem is about 6 inches high, cut it off to half its size.  Put plant back in the dark and wait another few weeks until the roots have thickened and a new stem has grown and reached about 6 inches.  Bring the plant out into the light and wait for the leaves to green up.

Next, plant the avocado in soil.  Be careful not to damage the roots by making a hole in the soil before sliding the plant in.  Gently fill the hole with soil and tamp lightly.  To encourage the avocado tree to grow full and bushy, pinch off new leaves. For every two new leaves pinched, four should grow in their place.


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